5 Movement and Mobility Tips for CrossFitters

Courtesy of Juggernaut Training Systems: Earlier this month, I was given the opportunity to present and coach at a weekend training camp for competitive exercisers. Doug Chapman, coach and owner … Continue Reading →

FIVE RULES for master athletes that want real results: Must Read

Follow this link to READ this article! You can also continue to read below. Enjoy! 5 RULES: IF you truly want to get better here are a few tips! Our … Continue Reading →

Key Secret to Success

Bulls eye! Consistency is possibly the most important part of an exercise program. Even if you use the best exercise program in existence (i.e. CrossFit) and give 100% effort when … Continue Reading →


This weekend sets a milestone for our affiliate here in Mason City, IA. We will be celebrating our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! So much growth has come to us and our … Continue Reading →

The Sport of Sports

Here at CrossFit Chiron  in Mason City, Iowa we are striving to bring world class fitness to you by creating a fun, like-minded community of people young and old, who are dedicated to working … Continue Reading →

Nutrition Facts

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Misty Killin It

Killing it on a Saturday WOD.

Misty Gomez, Killing it on a Saturdays WOD.  

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